Hi! I'm Kevin, a product designer—
I love designing to empower and make people happier.

Formerly designing at Bank of America and Juvo. Most of my previous work is under NDA, but you can check out my resume, read a brief overview of what I've done below, or send me a note  👋  kevin.tian@duke.edu to ask for my full portfolio.

Currently seeking new-grad product design roles after graduation Dec 2020.

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recent work

Bank of America

Experience Design Intern
Summer 2020

I was the primary designer on the new Merrill Lynch iOS widgets — I led the process from research through hi-fidelity designs. Merrill Widgets are projected to be released in Winter 2020, reaching investing clients in 500k+ households. Please email me for the full case study.

Duke Design Health Program

Design Fellow
Fall 2019 – present

I'm a product designer & strategist, collaborating with medtech experts from Duke Pratt, Fuqua, Clinical Research Institute, and Duke I&E. Our team filed a provisional patent app in Apr 2020 for illumination of medical tubing that will radically improve nurse workflow and minimize costly errors in ICUs.

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Design Technologist Intern
Summer 2019

I was a cross-functional team member at this rapid growth fintech startup in SF. I led an interaction design study of the checkout user flow in JuvoUP, a core Juvo app reaching 180M+ users internationally. I designed prototypes at med-fi, documented results in Juvo Design System, and wrote Swift 4.0 code. Please email me for the full case study.


Redesign Case Study
Fall 2020

Nextdoor is a social networking platform for neighbors. Opinionated and divisive posts about social and political activism have crept into the neighbor newsfeeds, stirring anger and confusion. My million dollar question: How might we empower people who use Nextdoor, to allow them to only see posts they're interested in?

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