Hey! I'm Kevin Tian —
I'm a designer who creates meaningful experiences to empower people and make them happier.

I graduated from Duke with a degree in Computer Science in December 2020. Before that, I worked on design at:
   -    Bank of America
   -    Juvo
   -    Duke Design Health

Take a peek at my LinkedIn, or keep scrolling to see some highlighted work.

Other work samples

design challenge


UI / UX challenge to create an automation platform with a glanceable dashboard and task editor.

Learn more (coming soon)

case study


Redesign of Nextdoor to alleviate newsfeed problems. How might we empower people who use Nextdoor to only see things they're interested in?

Get to know me

Thank you for stopping by. My name is Kevin Tian. I recently graduated from Duke University in December 2020, a semester early, with a degree in Computer Science.

Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by how things ✨ work ✨.

As a designer, I’m fascinated by when and why things 🛑 don’t work 🛑 and what I can do to bridge that gap.

When I’m not sweating each pixel, you can find me weightlifting or playing tennis, reading speculative sci-fi, or slathering on my favorite clay mask.

Want to learn more? I’d love to chat. Send me a note at hi@kevtian.com